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What Is TDK?

Welcome to the official TDK website! The Destruction Kingdom is a gaming clan for Halo, Mario Kart, Destiny 2, and more. We are on several platforms such as Guilded and 3DSPaint. This website was made by Digital Cheese who owns TDK (hello :D). Updates will be in TDK's blogs. If they're shorter updates, they'll likely just be a banner across the top of the homepage.

If you would like to become a partner, please join the Guilded Server in order to receive a simple partnership. Becoming an ally or colony will usually take more effort to get. For regular members who want to support TDK without owning a group, just put [TDK] before your display name for your profile (replace the brackets with different brackets if the website doesn't let you put [] into your display name).

TDK's rules vary based off community, but there are a few things that apply no matter where you are. Don't be annoying, don't do illegal shit, and lastly never get hit. Other than those 3, it varies but usually those 3 are the most enforced rules (especially rule 1).

TDK Logo/Banner

TDK has two main logos + a template. Use the template for your own profile pictures/group icons.

Main Logos

TDK Logo:

TDK Banner:


TDK Template Logo:

Contact Info

We do not have email yet.